Learn Windsurfing in Mumbai
Windsurfing Course in Mumbai

Are you an adventure junkie? You must learn windsurfing! Our windsurfing course will get you surfing the waves on your own in less than 2 weeks time. The weather conditions in Mumbai are the most ideal to learn windsurfing. Our course consists of 10 sessions of hours each. The dates of the course are flexible and students can choose their own dates of the course.

Mumbai Sailing Club provides the right training and top quality equipment, which ensures that you learn the skills quickly and safely. You will be taught to sail in all angles (points of sailing) in medium and light wind conditions. You will learn to sail in any direction that you wish, against the wind, and much more.

Windsurfing, like any other sport, requires practice and we recommend student to practice regularly for a few days after completing the course. During practice you will be able to sharpen the skills that you learnt during the classes and will be ready to jump to the next level – Racing.

After you master the basic skills, you will be ready to compete and race against other windsurfers in the club and even participate in regional and national windsurfing championships. Mumbai Sailing Club will guide you all along right from the time you get on the water for the first time, to the time you win medals at national competitions and go even further and represent India at international events.

Certification from Windsurf Association of India

Course details
Age: 13 – 50 years
Total sessions: 5
Duration of each session: 2 hours
Venue: Gateway of India / H2O Sports Complex

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